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Sophie Ryan's Journey

Sophie Isabella Ryan was born on October 3rd, 2012 weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 7.4oz. She was the picture of health, and everything her parents Tracy & Josh could have ever dreamt of. But when Sophie’s left eye began shaking when she was only 8 ½ months old, a series of doctor’s appointments led to an MRI that uncovered the unthinkable.

On June 23rd, 2013 Sophie was diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumor that luckily has a 90% survival rate, but unluckily has an over 85% recurrence rate. Even worse, the only option for these tumors was chemotherapy, with few advancements made over the last forty years for kids stricken by ANY form of cancer. In fact, only 3.9% of ALL government funding goes to pediatric cancer research.