Kimberly Cargile


Kimberly Cargile has been dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry as an activist, educator and business leader for almost two decades. She has been a cannabis cultivator and manufacturer for 20 years and has operated storefront dispensaries for 17, going back to the days when they were underground and it was a serious stand of activism. Over the years she has been a persistent voice at City Council and County Board of Supervisor meetings across California. She has been a boots on the ground advocate to enact many pieces of State Legislature and regulations, providing over 100 government tours of her businesses. Over the years, she has brought on 18 of her female employees to join her in the ownership role. Together they own 9 dispensaries, 2 farms and a shared manufacturing and distribution company. Without any corporate funding, they have become a force to recon with, proving that when women work together and support one another they can achieve anything!