Lorelie Sandomeno


As a cannabis cultivator for 25 years, I am deeply honored and grateful to be working with this medicinal plant because of its physiological and spiritual value. Embodying the dream of raising a family while cultivating potent medicine with the principles of land stewardship in balance with nature. Through building healthy soils, conserving water and resources, planting native hedgerows and companion planting, we regenerate the land and nurture the earth. Farm made nutrient recipes enhance the natural expression of genetics and reduce plastic waste.

Maintaining ‘Sun and Earth’ and ‘Equity Trade’ certifications. Working with wildlife biologists who are researching and creating a new gold standard of certification, ‘Wildlife Conscious Certification’, with the purpose of protecting and restoring wildlife on cannabis farms.

Thoughtfully keeping packaging to a minimum and choosing sustainable glass and PHA home compostable/biodegradable options to house our solventless products on retail shelves. Pioneering a bright future.