Saman Razani


Saman is a lean-minded pioneer of the cannabis industry, clocking 15 years of experience in regulated markets. His expertise in the production of regulated cannabis products and the manufacturing of various products, has allowed him to deepen his passion and develop a wide range of skills and trail-blaze new markets and develop new standardized production techniques for the manufacturing sector. Saman is known in the industry for building, executing, and managing the manufacturing arms of some of the largest and most successful cannabis companies across the country including The Green Solution (now Columbia Care), Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers, Grow Healthy (FL- Now ianthus), INSA (MA,FL,PA), and Glass House Farms/Group (CA). Saman is responsible for executing product development/conception and production launches in California for companies such as Raw Garden Wonderbrett, Cresco Labs, qTeam Elite Genetics, Field Extracts, and Hello Again Products, and Prophet Brands, a Social justice brand launching in CA in 2024.