Shannon Donnelly


With a dynamic career spanning 16 years in the Cannabis industry, she brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for positive change. Her journey began in 2007, and she has consistently championed the growth and transformation of this evolving sector.

As the former Cannabis Process Navigator, she delved deep into the regulatory landscape, devising innovative solutions and spearheading the Cannabis Cares program. During her tenure, she proudly facilitated the licensing of over 20 social equity applicants, paving the way for a more inclusive industry.

Today, she wear multiple hats, each reflecting her unwavering commitment to the Cannabis world. She serve as a consultant for leading Cannabis brands, leveraging her extensive knowledge to drive growth and success. Simultaneously, she is nurturing the next generation of industry leaders as an educator at MSU Denver, where she share insights within the School of Hospitality.

Beyond her professional roles, she is the proud owner of Betty’s Petals, a flourishing flower business, and an avid planner, always strategizing and envisioning new possibilities.